Welcome to my Pot Shop!

This is the place for good stuff from the pottery studio of ceramist Cheryl Guggenheim.  My studio is a living space, full of thought, design and craft.  Mozart is playing in the background.  Outside my back door is my Oregon of wild and fishy rivers, snowcapped mountain peaks, drifting sand dunes and violent ocean waves.  This page will give you an idea of the range of my work, from my coffee mugs available at Sisters Coffee Co., to my functional stoneware available at Great Earth Natural Foods in Madras, and my freeform Ikebana flower vessels, available for special orders.

I’m always adding new designs influenced by the place I live in.  I am always thinking, and talking with friends and neighbors, and snapping photos of the Cascades Range, laughing at the parade of deer and coyotes, quail and Canada geese honking down the Willamette River.  My mugs and bowls and plates — all of my ceramic forms — come from my daily thought about my life and this place where I live!  I hope that sounds like the holistic work ethic of master potters Bernard Leach or Shoji Hamada because this is who I am, too.   

In my studio, I produce the whole range of functional stoneware for the kitchen and the home, as well as decorative items for the wall and even the outdoors.  For a peek inside my shop, my husband Alan helps out with some of the journal entries in my Blog.

Feel free to contact me with inquiries about the availability of my work at shows and in galleries and retail outlets, as well as from my studio.  Enjoy!

Contact: cheryl@guggenheimpottery.com or cherylguggenheim@gmail.com